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This study is conducted to find an answer to the question of how we, Ukrainians, perceive the concept of "home" now, how attachment to home and our feeling of a safe space changed during the war, and what we think about our home, being forced to settle in different corners of the world or staying at home despite everything.
History in faces
My name is Alexander Kvasov. Our house was in the city of Rubezhnoye. For us, "home" is a place of peace, comfort, warmth. The place where you return, wherever you are... at work, on vacation, traveling, business trips. The place where all the necessary things are concentrated. You create them with your own hands, or buy them. You know what and where lies, and if you forgot, you know where to look. Here you can go from room to room with your eyes closed.
For children, this is their birthplace. The place where they come running from the street and mom will take them in her arms, kiss and soothe. Then this place becomes their harbor, where they can always return and find their parents, find good advice, relax and go through a difficult part of life.
This is the place where you are expected, where you are always safe.
In the first photo, our whole family is at the front door. Now the door looks like this...
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