Dear friends, brothers and sisters,
Good People International Charitable Foundation
was founded on December 16, 2019.
During the first quarter of 2020, the joint efforts of the team and volunteers were carried out:
- 6 trips to three boarding schools in Ukraine;
- the first meeting of the fund's volunteers;
- Participated in Night to Shine (also 9 children were took out of two boarding schools on the weekend);
- launching a page on social networks and the fund's website;
- training employees and volunteers of the foundation for online service;
- launch of the preparation of the summer program Family Holidays;
- start of the project 100 stories ...


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Olena Brovko
Our main capital and resource are people, especially good ones!
Sergiy Avstrub
Chairman of the Board
The only thing needed for triumph of
evil is for good people to do nothing!
Ivanka Bed
Executive Director
No one becomes a good person by accident!
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Charitable Organization
International Charitable Foundation "Good People" st. Mykhailo Boichuka 13, apt. 36, Kyiv, 01103, Ukraine

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